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What is the working principle of a hair removal device?


The laser in the hair removal device penetrates the skin epidermis and reaches the hair follicles. The melanin in the hair follicles absorbs laser light energy, producing a photothermal effect. Light energy is converted into heat energy, and the temperature of the hair follicles rapidly increases. The hair follicles solidify and necrosis, thereby removing hair. The laser of the hair removal instrument mainly includes:

1. Laser: Strictly speaking, laser is what beauty salons usually refer to. Usually used by professional medical beauty hospitals, household hair removal machines are not commonly used because their oversized characteristics are that laser hair removal is very painful and the safety performance is relatively low.

2. IPL: Strong pulsed light and photons. After irradiation on the skin, it can close abnormal pigments, damage hair follicles, stimulate collagen regeneration, and other beauty effects. Initially used for whitening and dispelling

Treatment for blemishes, skin tightening, etc. Nowadays, it is used by household hair removal equipment to remove body hair while also achieving a skin rejuvenation effect. 3. HPL: Home light laser hair removal technology is a laser developed in Israel for household use. The same principle as IPL. When light waves irradiate tissues, the pigments on the hair selectively absorb most of the light waves, while the surrounding tissues are not heated. The melanin on hair is responsible for absorbing light waves and generating heat energy. Finally, the effect of stopping hair growth is achieved. It is currently a relatively fast and effective hair removal technology

4. ELOS: That's what we call E-light. It is a new technology that combines IPL and bipolar radio frequency (a commonly used technology in beauty equipment), selectively synergistically acting on the skin to remove hair and rejuvenate the skin. The combination of IPL and radiofrequency for hair removal treatment has been proven to be safe and effective, and its efficacy is 20% higher than that of IPL alone.

What is the working principle of a hair removal device? 1
What is the working principle of a hair removal device? 2
What is the working principle of a hair removal device? 3

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