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Whether the hair removal is complete. There are two factors that determine whether the hair removal is complete: first, whether the product design is scientific, and second, whether the main parts are awesome (such as the blade, which is very poor, not only can not shave cleanly, but also can cause additional damage).
If you want to perform freezing point hair removal, you need to determine if there are wounds or inflammation in the hair removal area. Freezing point hair removal is not suitable for situations with wounds and inflammation.
Before removing hair at freezing point, ensure that the skin is not stimulated or damaged. Do not expose the skin to direct sunlight before freezing point hair removal, as the skin exposed to direct sunlight before freezing point hair removal may have already burned the skin, causing redness and blistering, which is not conducive to treatment.
Freezing point hair removal adopts a new pulse mode and repetition frequency, which can increase the hair removal speed to 3-5 times the previous one through technological advantages, making large-scale hair removal more simple. It is fully computer-controlled and easy to operate, making both the operator and the user feel very relaxed.
The hair removal instruments used in clinical practice have a wavelength range of 694-1200m, which can be well absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles while ensuring its penetration depth into the hair follicles.
The day before using the hair removal device, it is necessary to scrape off the hair on the epidermis first.
The laser in the hair removal device penetrates the skin epidermis and reaches the hair follicles.
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