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How can wigs be worn without falling off?


Choose a wig that matches your head shape. If you want to wear a wig that doesn't fall off, you first need a wig that is very suitable for you. Some people have a small head or a unique head shape, so when choosing wigs, it is important to be cautious and try to choose wig straps that you can handle. 

Additionally, it is important to adjust the headband of the wig. When wearing a wig, hair grooming is also important. You can curl your hair up high to become a hair guard, and then wear a hair clip or wig. This can increase the friction between the wig and the hair, making it difficult for the wig to slide off from the head. 

Also, the correct way to wear a wig is to cover it slowly from front to back. Don't worry. First, put your forehead against the wig, then slowly adjust the orientation, and finally adjust the corners and broken hair.

How can wigs be worn without falling off? 1
How can wigs be worn without falling off? 2

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